Wang Yun​

Qi Gong Teacher/Author

Wang Yun is a man of many mantles. He is an artist and creator deeply versed in both classical and modern aesthetics who has acquired mastery in various aspects of the traditional Chinese arts, from calligraphy to medicine and music. In this capacity, he has not confined these hobbies to his personal enjoyment but instead founded a society for the preservation of Nanguan music and traditional Chinese orchestra, among others. 

Wang Yun has been an avid reader since his early childhood, pursuing spiritual truths with great ardor and exploring all of the World’s great religions in depth. He has inherited precious lineages from the Daoist traditions and the eight schools of Chinese Buddhism, receiving rare oral instructions from Dharma Kings of Tibet, India, Nepal and Bhutan, and holds lineages from the four major schools of Tibetan Buddhism. 

He is deeply versed in the Confucian classics, the Daoist canon, and the Buddhist Tripitaka, and complements his learning with the most up-to-date publications on Western scholarship and popular culture. He has also delved deeply into various traditions of fortune telling from across the globe, such as astrology, ziweidoushu, and tarot. Due to his eclectic background, this city-dwelling hermit is a sought-out speaker just as much in temples and religious congregations, as in academic establishments and institutions around the world. 

As a householder, he is experienced in a number of trades, and has an extensive background in business management and consultancy. Always melding the mundane and the spiritual, he started his teaching career at the astounding age of 18, and has been unrelenting ever since. As such, he has acquired much valuable insights into the needs of and perplexities of the modern individual’s mind, and strives unremittingly to share his knowledge, wisdom and experience to seekers of all paths of life.

A Lifelong Practitioner
of Meditation, Qigong and Martial Arts

some of Wang Yun's achievements...

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