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"Approach your practice with steadfast composure and tireless zeal, but without yearning for more, without craving instant and spectacular results. Practice in this way, and like mountain rain that one day gathers and forms a river, your achievement will build and grow strong."


“In today’s world, so completely pervaded by notions of utilitarianism, it is a wonderful thing indeed if people can simply persist in daily meditation and qigong. In process, they are doing themselves an incredible favor.”

Clouds Over
Qingcheng Mountain

Immersing the mind with the concepts of the Daoist path of health and immortality, Clouds Over Qingcheng Mountain invokes the sacred birthplace of one of China’s mystical mountains that has stimulated both mind and body for generations. While the first volume, Climbing the Steps to Qingcheng Mountain, invited the reader to travel across time and through the history of China and Daoism, Clouds Over Qingcheng Mountain is more focused in its purpose, offering a practical, accessible guide to deepen one’s qigong and meditation practice.


A Practical Guide

Wang Yun places special focus on relaxation and the breath through the practice of posting, a foundational yet all-encompassing exercise to deepen both aspects. He offers tales from his life and journey, along with accessible tools to strengthen both body and qi. Bridging the gap between practical experience and theoretical background, Clouds Over Qingcheng Mountain simplifies the complex practices of Daoism handed down by generations of accomplished Masters, and gifts the reader with its most valuable aspects for a modern world.

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